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RHS Colourbond

Rolled Hollow Section offers an extensive, comprehensive range in different dimensions in general. These are Australian manufactured raw material which we later turn into finished product. RHS used in a way to cater the requirement for many fabrication and construction purposes. It is also popular for many different structural and mechanical applications and can be used for anything from load-bearing frames to furniture. The level of thickness and thinness varies from dimensions to dimensions, the smaller the dimension, the thinner the metal will be. Similarly the larger the dimension the firmer the metal will be.

Rolled Hollow Section also comes in different shapes such as rectangular hollow section and square hollow section. However, the Rolled Hollow Section we use is very strong and has made of vigorous material. At RHS steel we manufacture and fit wide range of Patio configurations and formulate different structures meeting the needs of our customers. The procedure we use at Rolled Hollow Section is very safe as we powder coat all our manufactured steel frameworks in-house in controlled environment keep it safe from dust and other unsolicited particles.
Attention to detail is our first and foremost motive because it is something which shows dedication and passion towards your work. So paying plethora attention to each project individually is very important and it’s a crucial part of our business as well. In addition, Rolled Hollow Section offers great assortment of color bonds, the steel we produce comes in different color bonds, expanding so many color options for the customers to choose from. Some sections of Rolled Hollow are available painted and some are provided pre-galvanized. But the location of each project and our valuable customers matters a lot, if the project is far away from the ocean than we apply Epoxy Priming as undercoat for the powder coating. Because when we apply Epoxy Priming it becomes rustproof which makes it more durable as compare to other steels available in the market.

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